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In August 2007, the first Acretongue album saw the light.. kinda. It was only meant to be a demo for record labels, and so, only about 50 copies were printed. I have long since ran out of these physical copies, but still get some requests regarding this album. As it was never commercially released, I've decided to release it through Bandcamp. I've never sold/asked for money for this album and won't do so now. The album is up as a free download.

"When it comes to electronic music, South Africa was never on my radar and I guess it’s the same with many other people. But now there’s ACRETONGUE and brings some fresh wind using more complex structures in its songs. The project doesn’t go the easy way and doesn’t produce simple dance music even though some of the tracks like ‘Basefader’ or ‘Trust / Obey’ are a little bit more beat driven. But the really important thing with ACRETONGUE is the atmosphere and you’ll find lots of it on this release. Many textures strings and soundscapes giving the songs even more depth and creating moods and images before your mind’s eye. If you take a look at the lyrics you’ll see that there’s much room for everyone’s own interpretation. I also like the way the lyrics are written. Almost like poems. I hope that a label approaches Nico soon because it’s really a shame, more people don’t get the chance to hear his music." - 10/10 Reflections of Darkness


released August 1, 2007

all tracks written & produced by Nico J.
recorded & mixed at dreams’ kitchen . jhb . south africa (2005 - 2007)
digitally mastered by da5id din @ corrosive audio.

sleeve design by Nico J.
3d water elements by Ian Dehning.



all rights reserved


Acretongue South Africa

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Track Name: Basefader
from above the sea, the cold beneath
i’ve found release

from the tied and bound, the lost unfound
i’ll stand my ground

here, upon this pier, where all seems clear
the sea in front of me disappears
falls out of sight, turns into night
has this world finally lost the fight?

from beneath these waves, the cold sustained
found you love everything you should hate
your eyes now glazed, you’ve lost your way
and realized freedom’s the price you’ve paid

everything dissipates.
Track Name: Voyeur
concealed within the dark,
a ghost that’s not a part
detached behind those eyes,
awaiting promised lies

the dance - a spiral move
such pointless points to prove
a turn that comes to pass,
the ghost dissolves to glass

an essence deemed as wrong,
conform just to belong
mismatch those glassy eyes,
a drug for broken minds

unnatural and so strange
a nature that won’t change
with all that comes to pass,
this ghost remains in glass

these black mirrors,
reflect what i see
a clear picture,
of things i don’t need

a shy distance
the safety between
reject whispers,
from ghosts that deceive

false lips that start to bleed
half-truths play hide and seek
these words collect in mass,
to fall and shatter glass.
Track Name: Trust/Obey
you can be what you want to be,
“just try and fit into what we might need”
you were taught since infancy,
that this faith shall set us all free

(my) nature questions nurturing
what’s the use of all this preaching
water down those ancient words,
to beliefs with double teachings

you pray it can’t be wrong,
but it’s pulling at your fibre
still, you're trying to hang on,
to a truth sustained by liars

you remember what they teach,
and it’s pulling at your fibre
“don’t you question our beliefs”
or you will fuel unholy fires

did man create your god,
in the image of a father?
order needs authority
for instinct listens to no other.

so holy and divine
with such selective wisdom
self-righteous within lies,
to justify your actions.
Track Name: Estranged
inherent, ancient traces
insight reveals two faces
a pair used in conjunction
a form that follows function

a swift, purging decision,
has shattered this cohesion
neglect reveals the unseen
mistrust is all you taught me

inherent, ancient traces
delight has scarred these faces
a tear precedes destruction
the form revise its function

a swift, precise incision,
has severed this cohesion
neglect promotes the unclean
disgust is all you left me

you won’t ever know me
you look, but you just don’t see

you just don’t see.
Track Name: Dragonfly
retreat from your subjectivity,
and see
too far to feel some sensitivity,
from me

always detached from all that could have been
this mind’s unseen
then wonder why there’s now nothing left to feel
your life is almost unreal

a thousand details - a million things
their drowning beating like a million wings
collective beauty that pass you by
remains evasive as a dragonfly

so much silence to always hide behind
such pride
appears upright by lying on its side
this mind’s unkind

return voices, destroy this self-made cage,
if that’s what’s required for change.
Track Name: Émigré (part i & ii)
part i
new debasers signed on the line
change their names and we’ll be just fine

so much effort just to forget
history - you just can’t reset

in a place that’s without a name
eleven voices confuse the way

if you need to, you can pretend
do whatever, just don’t offend
- what was said
- what was meant

the cycle repeats,
and you will then see,
that rainbows won’t change nations,
and nothing is free

part ii
what’s the use to carry on
i’ve been here for far too long
so much changed but stayed the same
still a face without a name

is the right hiding from wrong?
will i find where i belong?
such a shame it stayed this way
as a stranger i’ll remain.
Track Name: Neverwhere
so eager - you wanted to stay
i told you a wave’s on the way
its quiet noise, too loud to hear
destroying what you hold so dear

building a castle on sand
objecting, yet guiding my hands

silence has broken the shells,
creating a beautiful hell
abandoned, the tide’s drawing near
an empty space, drowning in fear

building a castle on sand
you're always objecting, yet guiding my hands

help me, i don't understand
i'm always forgetting the point of this plan

the sea has washed away
what once was there
return to the oceans of neverwhere.